Kmart Gas Rewards FAQs

Q. How are Sunoco gas discounts redeemed?
Sunoco gas discounts can be redeemed instantly by entering the reward code at the pump or inside the store at participating Sunoco locations.

Q. Where can I redeem my Sunoco gas discounts?
Sunoco gas discounts can be redeemed at select participating Sunoco locations.

Q. When do gas discounts expire?
The expiration date can be found on the reward coupon.

Q. How many gallons per purchase are eligible for gas discount redemption?
A maximum of 20 gallons per transaction can be purchased at the reduced price per gallon. The discount can be applied to a single fill up to a maximum of 20 gallons.

Q. Sunoco reward codes only allow a 20 gallon maximum fill up. What if I want to redeem my codes and I have a 30 gallon tank?
You can enter your reward codes and redeem the gas discount for up to 20 gallons. After the 20 gallon maximum has been reached, the pump will shut off. If you want to continue filling the tank, then you must begin a new transaction.

Q. What if my reward code is lost or stolen?
Reward codes should treated like cash, and unfortunately, cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

Q. Can I use more than one coupon per fill up?
A. No, only one reward code can be entered per fill up.

Q. Can I combine my Sunoco Rewards Credit Card discount with my Kmart discount?
A. Yes, the method of payment discount and loyalty discount can be combined in the same transaction.

Q. Can the Kmart fuel rewards be combined with another loyalty reward discount in the same transaction?
A. No. If you participate in more than one loyalty program, you must decide which program to use on each fill up.

Q. If I have further questions regarding their Sunoco reward code, who should I contact?
A. You should call Sunoco Customer Service at 1-800-SUNOCO-1.