Food & Beverage Specials at APlus

Enjoy these special offers and everyday great prices!

Featured Deals

Coffee & A Cookie $1.99

Compliment your coffee with a cookie for just $1.99

Free Dr Pepper with two hot dogs

Buy two hot dogs and get a free Dr Pepper

Monster Energy 16oz – 2/$4

Take home two 16oz Monster Energy drinks for $4

Cold Drinks

Coke 1L

Grab two 1L Coke for just $3

Red Bull 16 oz.

Jumpstart your day with two 16oz. Red Bulls for only $6

AMP Energy

Buy one AMP Energy drink and get one for free

Pepsi Family 16 oz.

Pepsi Family 16 oz. 2 for $2

Grab a 16 oz. Pepsi, 2 for $2 (2 for $2.22 in NY & CT). Regular price for one.

Muscle Milk

Strengthen your day with two Muscle Milks for $6

Nestea 20 oz. 89¢

Nestea 20 oz. 89¢

Stay refreshed with 89¢ Nestea beverages.

Brisk 1L 2/$2

Brisk 1L 2/$2

Buy any two 1L Brisk beverages for just $2

Dasani 20oz.

Pick up 20oz. bottles of Dasani for only 99¢

Food and Snacks

Mix & Match Candy 2/$2.49

Mix & Match Candy 2/$2.49

Grab one regular size and one king size candy for $2.49.

Any size fountain drink

Refresh your day with any size fountain drink for only 99¢ (89¢ SC)

Go Cup Refills

Refill your Go Cup for just 49¢ (99¢ Go Cup)

King Size Candy 2/$3

King Sized Candy 2/$3

Have a king sized snack. Save on any two king sized candies, regular price for one.

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